This morning Mary wanted to do a bit of practice on the fiddle. I suggested if it wasn’t too cold would she play out on the patio and she was happy to oblige! It was totally magical hearing the music waft across the garden and added a whole new dimension to my gardening! Thank you Mary for the concert!


So Mary went on her way but I was so inspired by her playing that I tackled a job that I had been putting off for ages! There is a small pond near the house that was my first water feature in the garden and I planted enthusiastically to make it “fit in” but that was about 7 or 8 years ago and apart from the usual weeding and tidying and a bit of mulching it was really just left to its own devices! It had become very badly overgrown to such an extent that someone almost stepped into it not realising it was there!!!!

So today was the day! I took out a large proportion of the planting – the Rodgersias are cut back already so I did some serious cutting back of the remaining plants. This led to digging up the pretty little daffodils that were planted the first year – about a dozen bulbs have become well over a hundred! A beautiful blue Iris “Iris Sibirica Silver edge” had spread into a large circle with a space in the centre – I divided some of it getting 16 pieces – but there are still three big chunks that I haven’t done! Next was to clear under the Cotinus Grace that is the focal point of the planting. Everything out! In the excavation of the bulbs I found two Agapanthus that didnt flower yet – there are some more there that did! All of this took the whole day – foour barrows of stuff for the compost and a bundle of stuff for shredding tomorrow. The bulbs and other things have been tucked up safely in the shed for the night and I took a photo in the fading light that shows the little treasure of this pond that has reappeared! So my planting will be more measured this time – aimed to let the pond remain visible even at the height of Summer! Definitely a very satisfactory day’s work!


2 thoughts on “Music

  1. JoanG

    Nothing like nice music to inspire you, Hazel, and that’s a great job done on the pond. I’m delighted you’re writing a blog and if it works well for you, after a while I might be brave enough to attempt it myself now that the club site is all but defunct (sigh!). I’ve recently found a few UK gardening blogs that I’m enjoying reading and viewing but it will be much nicer to follow my Irish gardening friends!


  2. Jackie

    Looking great Hazel I remember seeing this little pond when we visited….as you say one could easily step into it!…..what a lovely idea to have some music playing in the garden like that…..and the weather has been lovely to be out in the garden doing some work.


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