What to do on a miserable day

There is a big cloud down over Sunny Laois today so I’m not able to work outside. I am like a caged animal staring out at the drizzle. There are 6 lb of apples draining to make apple jelly, the house is tidied, beds changed after visitors. So what will I do now? I know! I’ll write a Blog.

So looking back at some recent photos I found one of the Four Seasons border before I got at it the other day! This border used to be wall-to-wall Japanese Anemones but last year I did a re-vamp and replaced them with a variety of plants all with different seasons of “star quality”!

Four seasons border before

I’m afraid that the Anemones were not prepared to go quietly! I left one clump because I really do like them – but too much of a good thing is a bad thing!

So I bit the bullet the other day and did a major clear-out. This involved cutting back the herbaceous stuff – even the ones that weren’t quite finished. My thinking here was that it was unlikely I would get back to that border again before next year so they had to go! When I cleared that border I found that the mulch of shredded Willow I used last year had done its job – there were very few “normal” weeds – just lots of Anemones coming up from bits of roots left behind!

The wonderful hand-tools I got as my Kris Kindle last year (thank you Margot!) are absolute winners in getting down deep to get much more roots than previous attempts!

Four seasons border after

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