Rising above the weather

Its 6 days since I last felt like doing a journal – the weather has been pretty atrocious so even when it cleared for a short while I was completely bogged down in leaves! Even using the mower to chop them and lift them it is still a never-ending chore at this time of year.

Leaves, leaves,leaves

It just seems that every time I am about to go outside I am met with a downpour! However, I did manage to get a photo of the most spectacular colour in the garden at one point.

Best colour in the garden

But today, with a beautiful bright sunny morning I was sure my luck had changed! Alas no! But I was determined to get outdoors this time. Well, even if the greenhouse is no more, there is still the shed. I lifted a big clump of Iris Sibirica Silver edge  last week and although I replanted at least 20 of them there were still two large clumps left that I just put in plastic bags in the shed – and today I decided to tackle them!

Iris clump


Here they are – three plants to a pot – and a dozen pots!

3 to a pot Iris







This photo is how this iris looked in June!

Iris Sibirica Silver Edge

And how sad is it when tidying the shed seems like gardening!

Tidy shed

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