A little treasure

This pretty little plant is called Lewisia cotyledon. This is my second time to try to grow it -the first one didn’t come through the winter. I did a little more research this time and found that it really doesn’t like being too wet and it HATES clay soil! So that explains why it perished! So when I fell for another one this year I am taking a different approach. It is planted in a sandy compost in a beautiful ceramic pot that I got from a dear gardening friend! Then to protect it from too much rain I will keep it under the porch outside the back door. That way I may even remember to give it the odd drop of water over the winter!

Lewisia  cotyledon
Lewisia cotyledon

It is rewarding me with ever more flowers!

2 thoughts on “A little treasure

  1. Hi Sister Dear – Just have to say how much I love your Heading Image of the Campanula Porskyana? on the Wind Plaza – I just love the way they romp and ramble, and even sometimes climb when they have space to do so.


  2. Jacinta Doyle-Porter

    I lovely Lewisias. I’ve had a few over the last few years and they really DON’T like winter wet. Sounds like you have their conditions down to a tee for this year. The best of luck, Hazel. 🙂


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