Fernery tidied

The forecast for today wasn’t good but the sun was shining when I got up so I headed out to the garden as quickly as possible! My destination was the Fernery, badly in need of a makeover! The Japanese Anemones have self-seeded to such a degree that I have decided to leave the new seedlings as ground-cover for the moment! So I cleared around each of the ferns so they can be seen a bit better. The shredder is out of order so all the trimmings had to be cut up by hand – that will encourage me to get the shredder fixed ASAP! All the spent flowers and foliage were removed from this border, including the summer foliage of the Helebores – they were still looking quite good but I thought if I removed the leaves now I would be better able to see the flowers at the end of the winter. I was struck by how the ferns are looking this year. I had never noticed their lovely Autumn colour before.

Autumn colour on the ferns

Cleared around the ferns

Japanese Anemone seedlings make good ground cover

Epimedium & Ferns

Final ferns

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