Maple Border rejuvenated

This time of year some people just stay indoors waiting for Spring – I dont have that patience! I hate the long evenings so I make the most of the short days by trying to be outside in the garden on all but the most miserable days. I believe that catching whatever bits of daylight I can brightens me up. There are always things to do in the garden – this year I’m trying to get the clearing up done in the Autumn rather than the Spring and I’m getting great satisfaction as I work my way steadily round from one border to another. The past couple of years I haven’t managed to do this, so I am finding lots of little treasures that I had forgotten! Lots of cutting back, thugs reduced to manageable limits, and the compost I’ve been hoarding is being spread!

btrThis border is right in front of the front door and the clear-up involved several barrows of leaves (they all lodge under the Bergenia) and removing all the seedlings and offshoots of the Japanese anemones – I left 4 clumps and that is enough!

btrThis Sarcococca Confusa was completely hidden and i had quite orgotten it! Hopefully having a bit of air and light it will decide to flower for me!


These Helebores are just coming into their own and will be beautiful all winter long! The Ajuga at the edge really suffered from the drought this summer but I’m confident it will recover when Spring comes along.


And the first Bergenia is rewarding me with a flower! Hopefully the first of many! There is a small Daphne in this border too. It really scents the air there when it flowers later in the Winter and into Spring.


This beautiful Helebore ‘Atrorubens’ is actually much darker in reality but my camera can’t manage the colour. It is not in that area but looks so lovely I just had to include it!

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