Winter solstice

I love the Winter Solstice – once we get past that day things start getting brighter even if its only by a few moments at first!

To celebrate I took a few photos of things in bloom just now.

This anemone took me by surprise as i have always called them “St Brigids Anemones” because I expect them to flower in February!


And then I found this great Helebore flowering its socks off! I bought it at Johnstown last January so it also is flowering a bit early. Unfortunately the camera can’t do justice to the deep purple of this flower !


And finally I have one that is a seedling from my Helleborus Orientalis ‘Red Hybrids’ which has come up a reallypretty shade of pink! I’ve often heard people complain that Heleborus seedlings can be very muddy in colour but I must say that my experience has produced only attractive colours so far!


So now its back to the Christmas preparations for me – so may I wish you all a very Happy and Peaceful Christmas.

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