Cold work

January is a month that many people hibernate waiting for Spring but for me it is a great month to get the garden into shape. If the weather is cold then I put on an extra jacket, warmer hat and thermal gloves. Once I get working I quickly warm up and it is amazing how much I can get through in a couple of hours.

Yesterday was such a day. Thermal socks, hat and gloves, Skiing trousers and two jackets and I was as warm as toast. The area I was working on beside the shelter belt had a serious amount of leaves so that the paths were no longer visible. Last year I planted up this area with taller herbaceous plants that were displaced when the new patio was done so they have had a year in their new locations. I am not totally sure I will retain this idea but as we all know gardens are never finished and a new area to plant up is always welcome!

After Johnstown I have two crates of lovely “swaps” and many of them will probably find their way into this area.

The biggest task yesterday was the paths. Leaves removed, weeds pulled out and finally the paths were raked with the new rake. Definitely a satisfying day! Hard to imagine how full this border will be in Summer!


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