Some of my gardening friends may remember the disaster that hit my Clematis Walk when Hurricane Ophelia struck in October 2017. I had contrived some home-made arches to support my growing Clematis collection but it certainly wasn’t Hurricane-proof!

Clematis Walk in flitters

I removed the debris and carefully trimmed the worst of the clematis, not being at all sure that they would survive being wrenched out of the ground by the strength of the wind. Through last year I watched them recover, but with no proper supports they suffered – particularly the Montana types!

So there was nothing for it but to give them a less “home-made” support so with the help of a local engineer the clematis once more have something to climb on!

Hopefully hurricane-proof
The Clematis are reaching up already
Clematis Macropetala ‘Blue Bird’ was first to recover
Back as a proper Clematis WAlk again
And I even recycled some of the netting!!!!

I’m so thrilled with it that I keep walking up and down the path just to see if any more of the clematis tendrils are reaching out!!!

One thought on “Recovery

  1. ElizabethMcGuire Cleary

    that’s a great ‘construction’ – congratulations to both the designer and the maker – and a special nod to the clematis for hanging on in hopes. Yes, a great Recovery story indeed.

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