Battle of the Bluebells

When I began this garden a friend gave me a big clump of Bluebells which I spread with great enthusiasm through my woodland area and they obliged by increasing rapidly. When I started trying to “maintain” the hedgerow bordering the garden I realised that there were bluebells in the hedgerow also! And then my education regarding Bluebells began …. The Spanish Bluebells are larger and usually paler in colour than the Native ones – and they will cross hybridise any chance they get!

Most importantly we need to try and protect the native ones as they are threatened by the Invaders!

And so began the Battle of the Bluebells! It is so hard, but every year I go around and remove the plants with the paler flowers. And of course the shape of the flower is quite different – The native ones have the flowers on one side of the stem and they hang their heads in a most modest way – while the Spaniards have flowers on both sides of the plant and bow the head to no-one! Even if I can’t get all of the bulbs out at least I make sure to remove the pale flowers! The native ones are gradually marching out to the rest of the garden so it takes a keen eye to spot the plants that need removing!

I trimmed back the border and the Bluebells are relishing the increased light! I’ve been removing the Spanich Bluebells for a few years now and they are definitely not so numerous but I will probably need to keep the warfare a bit longer!

Loving this Bluebell Bank

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