Outwitting the Magpies

I had a couple of Magpies nesting in my shelter Belt last year. I wasn’t too happy about it and they returned this year but the recent storm knocked the nest completely out of the tree! However, the Magpies are still hanging about and are very fond of the fat-balls I put out for the little birds. It took them a few attempts to figure out how to fly at the feeder and grab a bit of the tasty fatball! Well I really cannot afford to keep several large Magpies supplied with Fat Balls so I had to devise a way to keep them away but let the little birds get to them,

A couple of hours later I had repurposed some of the stuff from the demolished arches into a makeshift cage – this is the prototype


The little birds took a few visits to figure out it was a safe place for them. It took the Magpies until the next day to figure out that if they hung down from the top edge they could just about reach the Fatballs.

So back to the drawing board. Another layer of the fencing stuff was added. I was a bit apprehensive that the little birds might be afraid of it but my fears were groundless.

If you look closely there are three birds enjoying the grub! Now I just have to wait and see will the Magpies find their way in!!! I noticed that the tits and sparrows seem to be able to fly through the mesh so if our marauding magpies manage to figure a way to get in I’ll just put more mesh on the top – but that will make it awkward to refill the feeders …. problems problems!

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