What do you when rain stops play?

Well, you tidy the shed! This is a necessary task to carry out maybe once a year at the most. In my case the shed doubles as a potting shed so the floor gets covered in mud and debris.

So I tackled each section separately, clearing the shelves one by one. Discarding dried-up packs of fertilizer or items where the label has disappeared and the contents are suspicious.

As I worked my around the shed I found several items that I no longer need – a spreader for lawn Weed-&-Feed, a tool for trimming the edges of lawns, an electric Cultivator, an electric strimmer, a long-handled shears, a bottle of Lawnmower Oil and a bottle of Lawn Fertiliser.

Surplus to requirements

You will notice that most of these items relate to lawns. Gortnalee Gardens do not have a lawn – that was by special request from the late Brendan Glennon! Now all I have to do is to find a good home for these items.

Now all I have to do is keep it like this 🙂

I also removed a very old partially rotted set of shelves and just tided things away and I am absolutely amazed at the amount of space I now have in the shed. I will do my best to keep it somewhat tidy from now on!

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