I recently visited a friend’s garden where I was fascinated with the “floating islands” she has in her ponds. The theory is that the plants send their roots into the pond and they use up the excess nutrients in the pond preventing balnket weed getting a hold. So since I have a real problem with pondweed it seemed a good idea to give it a go!

I assembled the materials – a length of field drainage pipe, some empty water bottles, some left-overs of plastic fence and I was ready to go!

Doesn’t really look much at this stage – the idea is that the plants will reside happily between the two layers of netting!

First I had to check that it would fit in the pond!

And most of all – will it float?

I had aquired some little plants from John Lord when we visited and I also had a few plants I thought might be suitable!

So putting the roots of the plants into those bio-degradable pots I planted it up to the best of my ability! The eco-friendly pots maybe weren’t a good idea ….. the plants are a bit unstable

So with the plants in place it was time to launch my own personal Titanic! Hmm! some of the plants need more ballast or something …

But it looks fine at a distance!

So there it is, my very own Island! I cleared the blanket weed before we started so lets see how it matures!

One thought on “Experiment

  1. Paddy Tobin

    We have always used aquatic compost when putting plants into our pond. It seems to have no nutrients and it nothing more than a medium to hold the roots of the plants – indeed, when it comes to potting on/dividing etc it is noticeable that there is actually little or no root growth within this aquatic compost. Recently, I divided some iris I have had in the pond for years and used ordinary garden soil to fill the mesh baskets when repotting them. I think this has lead to a growth of blanket weed because of the nutrients in the soil. I have removed amounts of it and am waiting to see it it settles down – all natural ponds have soil so I’m hoping the blanket weed may go.


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