November 2020 – late blooms

 This year I have noticed lots of odd things in the garden – flowers blooming early, or random blossoms appearing very late in the season. Penstemons are new to my garden. I have acquired several of them this year and apart from the delight they have given me all summer they have continued to flower right up to this month!

This one I think is Penstemon \”Evelyn\”

and this one is Penstemon Garnet \’Beard Tongue\’

Both of those photos were taken this month – on a rare sunny day. They are still looking good as I write this despite a virtual Monsoon over the past week or so!

There were other random flowers still bringing colour to the garden that day. 

Geranium Maderense

Late Rose

Geranium Sanguineum Striatum 
Japanese Anemone Honorine Jubert

Some of these plants are supposed to flower in Autumn but more of them are definitely Summer treasures! Maybe Climate Change will continue to give us these bonuses!

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