The Buddha Garden

The buddha garden reminds me of a year I spent in Cambodia. Keeping it looking good has certain challenges. The hawthorn hedge behind it is a bit of a challenge so part of the tidy-up today involved removing a serious carpet of leaves from around the Buddha. My plan for the border round the Buddha is that the Rhus behind it will eventually imitate the Bodhi Tree that is part of the Buddha tradition. There are already a number of bulbs in this border but I want to add more colour. I had a number of Tulip bulbs that I had in pots last year so I replanted them around the Buddha having weeded and tidied the area. 

Buddha looking neat and tidy

I did some more work in the Buddha garden but it was getting dark so photos will have to wait till tomorrow! However I had taken photos of Mahonia \’Charity\’ just coming into flower, and also a photo of Hypericum calcyninum which has just decided to flower too!
 Mahonia \’Charity\’

Hypericum calcyninum

Today was bright and sunny if a bit cold, but one of the tasks I carried out was to remove a small conifer that had outgrown its space and was not adding anything to the border . At this time of year I get great satisfaction carrying out changes to the garden that I have planned earlier in the year and even when the weather only allows brief spells in the garden – but the original design of the garden with the many gravel paths is of great benefit when gardening in the Autumn.

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