Winter Solstice 2020

 I was probably about 6 or 7 when I first went to Newgrange with my parents and family visitors from Scotland. This was in the Fifties – and you got the key from the house across the road to open the padlock on a big iron gate. You needed to remember to bring a torch and we made our way into the central chamber. My father had a really good torch so we were able to examine the wonders of this magical place at our leisure. One of the uncles lifted me up and put me in one of the large basins while my father was telling us the tale of Newgrange as it was known at the time – people weren\’t sure if the basins were for buriel or for sacrifice, and my father thought that sacrifice was more likely – so I wanted out of that basin as fast as possible! Ever since then I have been fascinated by Newgrange and Nowth and Dowth which we also explored.

In recent years I have made several trips to Newgrange – always making sure to put my name into the raffle for admission to the Winter Solstice event but have never been lucky. 

Today I watched a great video taken on Sunday, the eve of the Solstice when the sun obliged and filled the chamber with light. I finally got to see the actual sun in the chamber rather than the simulated light that visitors to Newgrange see. I am truly awed! Here is a link to the video.

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