Hazel Harvest

 I mentioned already that I had started cutting back some hazels in the hazel grove. On Christmas Eve my friend Kevin came by and finished the cutting down for me, The pile of hazels ended up twice the size of the pile in the pboto – and at the start of the video – but the first stage of trimming them is now complete – and the video describes the process!

It only took a couple of sessions to get this job done – wrapped up good and warm – it is a lovely bright day here in Laois today so I was happy to be outside and delighted to get to the end of the pile of hazel!

One thought on “Hazel Harvest

  1. Great work Hazel and your yard looks immaculate! Your video reminded me to check out my Hamamelis mollis, which I stupidly planted right behind Fuchsia 'Hawkshead' not realising how large that fuchsia grows. And, yes, it's in full flower too, so tomorrow's job if it's dry will be fuchsia pruning! Happy New Year.


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