Not quite Johnstown …….

 Yesterday was a pretty historic day – it was a Virtual Get-Together for the people who became friends through the website club from about 2008 and onwards. It is a unique garden club because it combined and combines a mixture of online friendships and actual face-to-face meetings.

We have held an annual get-together in January over the years in the Johnstown Garden Centre who have always made us very welcome. With the current lock-down situation I was really sad that I wouldn\’t get to meet up with these friends who come from the four corners of Ireland to have a chat, share a lunch and most importantly share and swap plants! 

So I put up an invitation to a Virtual Get-Together and it was lovely that so many people responded. We used Google Meet for the session as it has no limits in the number or the duration of the call. Twelve people joined me on the session and an additional person managed to connect a bit later. It was a bit chaotic, with a cople of people having problems connecting well, but it was a learning experience for us all.

Jacinta regaled us with tales of her \”ladies\” pictured above!

I really enjoyed seeing people I hadn\’t seen for ages – and Lady Leticia made a brief appearance much to our delight! I should have taken a screenshot of the event but I was too interested in the chat!

We have agreed that we will do it again in a while – maybe when we have even a tiny bit of positive news!!!

In the meantime can I encourage those of you who first met through

to reconnect to the site – the magazine people have invested a lot in meeting our request for a more user-friendly site and with Covid their business is in serious difficulties because their main revenue of adverising has collapsed. If we rejuvenate the club it may assist them in attracting advertisers once more. 

The absence of the magazine from our newsagents is just another Covid loss – and is something I personally really miss. The Irish Garden has been the only magazine where you could be guaranteed that anything advertised was readily available to people living on the island of Ireland, unlike magazines produced in the U.K. and with the impact of Brexit this situation will likely get even worse.

2 thoughts on “Not quite Johnstown …….

  1. The Virtual Get-Together was a great idea, Hazel. Some of us were attempting something a little out of our comfort zone (me). But I can see that there would be less and less problems the more we do it. I enjoyed it immensely. Delighted that so many decided to partake in it too.


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