Keeping the lights on in January

 I heard a suggestion on the Ray Darcy show on Nollag na mBan that we could keep our outside Christmas lights on until the end of January to cheer us all up. I thought this was an excellent idea – and even though I am out in the country and nobody walks past in the dark, I still decided to keep the lights on. For the investment of a new set of batteries for them they are really lifting my spirits. The photos aren\’t great but they give the idea I hope. If I am working in the garden as it gets towards dusk the various sets of lights start to twinkle -a reminder that it is time to wrap up the work for the day. I go indoors and then go from one window to another enjoying the lights! An unexpected bonus is that each day it is a little brighter when they burst into life, reminding me that there really is a \”grand stretch in the evenings\”.

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