Some more January treasures

 I always think that when we moan about the winter garden not having much interest it is partly because we don\’t venture out for too long into the cold and damp. I like to wrap up warm and venture out provided it isn\’t actually raining or snowing and I am usually rewarded with some little treasures. I take particular pleasure when little plants pop up in an unexpected spot.

This little snowdrop is yards and yards away from the rest of the snowdrops in the garden. My neighbours little girl was fascinated as we tried to figure out how it got there!

My snowdrops are really starting to bulk up. I got a bunch of them in Altamont a few years ago and planted them along the edge of the driveway at the base of the conifers that had to be removed last year. I was afraid that all the stomping about removing the trees might have damaged them so it is with great relief that I see that they are back unharmed and some have clumped enough for division in a few weeks time.

It is also a delight to see that the ones I divided last year are spreading too! No clear photo of them I\’m afraid! Maybe I need a proper camera! 

On the same driveway border I spotted Helleborus Orientalis Double Ellen Red strutting her stuff! This was one of the Lidl helebores I bought a few years ago. I have noticed that these double and picot helebores don\’t appear to seed about much.

And of course the other star flower for January has to be Aconitum – the Winter Aconite! It is starting to seed about a bit and I am very happy about that! 

 So the next time you hear yourself saying \”Winter is drab and dreary\” just remember all the delicate flowers that appear just to cheer you up at this time of year!

One thought on “Some more January treasures

  1. Lovely treasures Hazel. It's so cheering at this time of year to pop out to the garden and see what new ones have appeared or opened out. February tomorrow, joy!


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