Replacement Project

 I am very sad that my lovely boardwalk has rotted beyond redemption. It had become totally unsafe so the time had come for me to accept the inevitable and start to plan a way forward. If you never saw my boardwalk this is how it looked when it was built in 2010.

It was a great feature when the bamboo garden behind it developed and it gave a great element of surprise when the corner was rounded and a panorama of the landscape suddenly came in view. However, 10 years later it has to go! The project is ongoing but I thought I would put this blog together so that when the project is complete it will be clear how much work had to  be done!!!

Last weekend my friend Kevin came and started on the work. The boardwalk was removed and stacked in his van for removal. I was Gofor on the job, loading the wheelbarrow for him to remove! I did a total of 13000 steps that day!!!! It was Kevin who did the original construction of the boardwalk under Brendan\’s instructions so we shared some lovely memories of that time. 

And so now we have an almost blank canvas to work with. I am keen to retain the quirky zig-zag route of the boardwalk and it is  possible to see that the outline is still visible in the construction site.

So as always when I am planning a project the squared copy comes out and I scribble away for a few evenings until I arrive at a plan! Here is the latest version in the notebook.

Now all we have to do is construct it!!! 

I am hopefully that when the weather shows some improvement it will be done. We have some of the materials on site already so it feels like the project is moving forward. All I can do at this point is to do a bit of clearing of weeds and bamboo roots but there is little else I can do to progress it. I am now in that state of itching to get on with it – and when the weather lets me outside it is really hard to concentrate on the more mundane clearing of the borders in the Spring clean-up.

5 thoughts on “Replacement Project

  1. Yes, the plan is a raised path with paving but budget will determine hos fancy it will be! I had to learn the hard way that decking and boards might look great when new but are not a long term project!


  2. Hazel, could you consider an elevated area with paving slabs? It would last a lifetime. In my opinion, decking and wooden boards just don't suit our climate.


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