Hard work but some rewards

 This time of year I like to tackle one border at a time and clear away as much debris as possible. It is a great way to get up close and personal with what is planted there and I often get surprises when I find evidence of plants I had forgotten! The past week or so has been devoted to what I was calling the Main Shrubbery but I realised that over time there is much more mixed planting going on here so a new name is called for. It wasn\’t really until I came to the end of the border that I realised it is a really long border – possibly the longest border in the whole garden! So a new name has been given to it – not very original – but it is now \”The Long Border\”!

It stretches from the Wedding Cake Tree Cornus Contraversa at the entrance to the Fairy garden right back up to the Birch Garden. It has a good number of Day Lilies which were being overwhelmed by Japanese Anemones so I have removed as many of these as possible but I am realistic enough to accept they will still pop up but maybe not overwhelm this time! At the top end of the border there is a Sambuca Black Lace which I had left unpruned for a couple of years so it has had a serious haircut this year and I am hoping I haven\’t killed it!

I can\’t say that the work on this border was unmitigated delight as the heavy rain had made the clay soil very sticky, but I took advantage of every break in the weather to go out and do a little and now that it is done I am really happy with the result. Next onthe agenda is the Fairy Garden and I have taken in all the little ornaments to try and rejuvenate them. Yes, I know I should have taken them in sooner …..

This is the reward I got for all this slaving was when I was finishing up for the day and walking back to the house and got this unexpected view of the Birch with the snowdrops that are really bulking up in that border!

And just when I thought it couldn\’t get better I spotted the very first of my Anemone Blanda just trying to open! They are managing to self-seed having migrated from the front garden to the back – I suspect they may have had some help from the birds!

4 thoughts on “Hard work but some rewards

  1. All is looking shipshape Hazel and indeed what a beautiful birch tree. The weather forecast for the next few days will probably put a stop to gardening, at least here in the east.


  2. Nice one Hazel. I've been doing much the same but not making as much progress. I have the same problem with the Japanese anemones. Have yet to see any of my Blanda. I love the snowdrops. I can't seem to get them to gow like that in my garden.


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