Is the Weather God having a laugh?

 I depend on getting out into the garden or even for a short walk to keep me in a positive frame of mind. I managed to get out even when the really cold but bright weather was here. I wrapped up warm and concentrated on work that involved lots of walking up and down to the compost etc. I even managed to get my step count up to 11,000 one of the days! 

My new routine is to only fill a bucket with weeds before bringing them to the dump. This manages to help keep me warm as I change my activity frequently and ups the step count! 

My friend had brought a trailer to me for me to get rid of the accumulated stuff from the drastic cutting back of the hazels a few weeks ago as well as lots of overgrown hedgerow stuff. On Tuesday I decided to tackle the loading of the trailer as I knew my friend would be needing it shortly. It was a pretty major task and good thick gloves!!!!

I was very pleased with the result and the trailer was collected yesterday! But the Weather God got his revenge on me for the rest of the week – we didn\’t have any snow apart from a few flurries but the artic winds and torrential rains made life very difficult.

So I have spent the past few days with my head in the computer sorting out photos or watching YouTube garden videos. This photo ended up on my desktop so I\’m just sharing it for the laugh. I\’m afraid the Zen Garden isn\’t as neat as this at the moment!

Serious cabin fever has set in. I go to the fridge and try to see do I need to go shopping – no!

Today should really be ok here in the Midlands and I look out and at least it isn\’t raining but the trees are waving about alarmingly …. so now I am appealing to the Weather God – give me a break PLEASE!!!

One thought on “Is the Weather God having a laugh?

  1. Your appeal may be answered Hazel, as milder temperatures are on the way from tomorrow, though we may still have the wind and rain. At least our plants are getting a proper rest this winter; I often feel they are under stress when winters are very mild and they keep growing throughout. Brilliant work on getting rid of all that waste & weeds!


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