Structure is king

 Just about to put on my coat and go for a longed-for walk but the Weather God struck again and we now have torrential rain! So there is nothing for it but to do another Blog!

Today\’s topic is how the bare branches of trees and shrubs at this time ov year can add interest to the garden. I was reading about this for years but only really put it into practice here in Gortnalee.

Corylus Avellana Contorta  called Corkscrew Hazel or Contorted Hazel really stands out in Winter. IT is a bit of an oddity and I am not a great fan of how the green one looks in leaf. I was given a present of a red and a green one on a visit to Arboretum a few years ago. Both are inclined to send up straight suckers so I need to be vigilant!

Cornus alba \’Sibirica\’ is finally starting to earn its place in the border! It got the recommended hard prune last year and also got a generous mulch and it seems to have encouraged it to produce more branches. 

Betula utilis jacquemontii is a strong feature all year round but particularly in winter when it positively glows.

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