Taking photos

 To my mind there are Gardeners who take photographs and Photographers who garden. I look with envy at the beautiful photos from their gardens of the Photographer/gardeners and then at my own often less-than-perfect attempts – particularly when I try to capture the delicate beauty of a flower close up. Yesterday is a case in point. I was enchanted by a group of crocus that were turning their faces to the sun and out came the camera – SNAP! but the results were  disappointing. 

The debris around the crocus took so much from the flowers – and then it dawned on me. Maybe one of the reasons why other people\’s photos look better is because they actually take the time to clear away some of the debris before they take the photo! So I gave it a lash with the same flowers today …

Not quite professional yet, but definitely an improvement! Another thing I do is to be so delighted when I finish a task that I try to capture it even when the light is fading. I need to have more patience and go take the photo next morning instead!

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