Between the raindrops

 When I was a little girl and complained that it was raining when I had to leave for school my mother would say \”Run between the raindrops and you won\’t get wet!\”  I remembered this today when I took a quick trot around the garden.

I went to check the post and then just continued round taking photos of anything in flower!

 I\’m sure if my neighbours had seen me they would have sent for the men in white coats!

If you look closely you can see the shine of the rain on some of the leaves!

These crocus are standing up well to the rain!

6 thoughts on “Between the raindrops

  1. My crocuses are refusing to open up. Everywhere is just so wet. But you seem to have everything under control, Hazel. 🙂 Love what your Mam used to say to you. I haven't heard that before. LOL


  2. On days like this you must be glad you made all those paths through your garden Hazel. The soil is sodden here and our crocuses are looking flattened!


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