Taking advantage

My pergola has a small flowerbed along one section that in the summer is really colourful – Clematis Tangutica and Clematis \’Hagley\’s Hybrid\’ cover the trellis, there are a few hardy Fuschias, a couple of Colchicum and a good clump of Gladioli all add to the enjoyment but the plastic edging was collapsing onto the paths so action was needed. I reckon that Cherub from Peter\’s garden was definitely at my shoulder. Before I knew it I had the trusty trolley out lined up to the blocks. Using the Principle of the Lever my father taught me as a child, I manouvered the blocks into position round the bed. 

It took a bit of ingenuity because I didn\’t have enough of the more simple single blocks but I am happy with the result! 

It is amazing how easy it can be to topple a really heavy block – since my back surgery I am not allowed to lift anything heavy – so it took most of the day, but the result was a real sense of a job well done! 

I had hoped that I would be able to top up the bed with some lovely home-made compost today but the Weather God says no! 

The upright block at the end of the bed will be filled with compost and something pretty and cascading will be added!

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