There\’s a Project in progress

 I mentioned that the Boardwalk that was a feature of the garden has had to be removed because the timbers supporting it were showing serious rot. The project to replace is is well under way but for the moment I don\’t want to reveal too much until it is finished!

So here is a bit of a sneak preview – these hollow blocks are part of the solution but they still have to be filled with compost and planted. There are a lot of them! I originally thought I would plant them with sedums, campanula and other rockery-type plants but now that the project is progressing I have had a change of heart. 

I heard mention of the benefit of planting Dahlia from seeds and it occurs to me that these pretty and floriferous plants would look good in the blocks – there won\’t be enough soil to maintain them for more than a season but the just might fill the bill.

When I spotted these Cosmos seeds I remembered that last year all I had of these great plants were a few casual self-seeders so it is time to replenish them!

When I buy seeds it always seems to be a major task to start them off – and I am not known for my success in this area! This seed tray was a Lidl purchase ten years ago – some years it doesn\’t get the dust brushed off, but this year it is back in action! It took a total of 15 minutes to fill them with compost and then I brought the planter indoors. Less than 10 minutes saw the two packets of seeds were planted and the lot set up!!!! Not really a major task after all! 
So for further developments watch this space!!!!

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