Project almost complete

Getting rid of the boardwalk has been a heartbreak for me as it was a real feature of the garden. Here is how it looked when the boardwalk was removed!

The first stage was to map out the new path for what will become the bamboo walkway. It was a terrible job because the bamboo roots had penetrated under the boardwalk and didn\’t want to be removed! The path builder had recently aquired a mattock and it proved to be the perfect tool to clear the ground but it was really hard work!

The new pathway follows a similar route to the boardwalk and will eventually have the edges planted up with low-growing plants.

I still need to access the lower area with the wheelbarrow and the raised beds where the only edible plants live!

There is still a bit of work to do – The pathway to the compost area needs a bit more work.

I had some help from a great teenager the past couple of days – he perservered through hail rain and storm to barrow tons of gravel for me to finish off the groundworks of the replacement for the defunct boardwalk!

Here you can see the great job my helper has done in refreshing the whole area! I\’m sure he didn\’t count the barrow loads but I bet he slept without rocking that night!

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