April showers may come my way

 Today I was busy until about 4 pm so when I was free to go out I was delighted to see that the sun had come out after a heavy shower so I togged out in the gardening gear and set out to put the finishing touches to one corner of the garden that needed work after the recent removal of the hedgerow beside my garden. 

The spuds were planted a couple of weeks ago but haven\’t appeared yet. I was too late to get some more of the Hornbeams that are already there so I felt I needed to put something in place to reduce the feeling of being so totally exposed! 

Since it was time to cut back the willow fencing it seemed an obvious solution to extend the rather rickety willow fence at the end of the garden up to where the Hornbeams begin.

Most of that was completed yesterday but I had some good long willow branches left over so today I tried to patch up the old willow fence and was really feeling I was making progress when the lovely sunshine vanished and the heavens opened! Of course, typically, there were only a few more pieces to secure so I had to stay and complete it. 

It was probably less than ten minutes including the dash to the shed to put the tools away but I was soaked to the skin! Not really feeling like singing \”April Showers\” just at the moment – more like \”Singing in the Rain\”!!!!

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