A bit of real gardening

 It was bright and sunny most of the day today although there was a bit of an East wind keeping things cool – but I was delighted to be doing a bit of \”real gardening\” today – well, almost real gardening! Last Autumn I transplanted all my Hollyhocks to the Tall Herbaceous border beside the Shelter Belt and I had a plan to make supports for them from the great pile of bamboos that have been gracing my patio since last year. I considered various types of wigwams and piramids but that kind of support didn\’t work well last year. In the end I made trellis from the bamboos tied with the inevitable cable ties and secured them at each end to sturdy hazel rods also harvested last year. I am delighted with the results particularly since I also got round to weeding these borders and tidying them up! 

I am hoping I will be able to secure the Hollyhocks to the trellis as they grow so they should make a great backdrop to that area of the garden.  The soil seems pretty awful in these borders so I sprinkled on some of the \”Soil Renew! stuff I got from Mr Middleton last year. I hope to see marvellous things after all that TLC!

One other thing – there is a notice on Blogger saying that email notifications will cease in July – not sure how that will affect people accessing the Blog.

One thought on “A bit of real gardening

  1. Those plastic ties do seem very unorganic/unnatural but they certainly work so very easily and effectively. A good support! And easier than wrestling with hornbeam, willow and string as I did last week. It's very cold these nights but the days are bright and cheering.


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