Playing with water!

The Postman brought me a parcel today! I have got a bit hooked on online shopping and as I am expecting a few different deliveries I had no idea what was in this packet!

I was delighted to find it was a pair of tiny solar fountains, one for each pond! It was a beautiful sunny day so an ideal day to test a solar-powered item. I hurried out to try it out but alas the pond was so full of gung that it wasn\’t able to work properly. So while I tackled the pond the little fountain happily sprayed in the air in a bucket of water!

It was a perfect day to do a job like this, warm and sunny. I rolled up my sleeves and got cracking. The bucket beside was quickly filled up with pond weed, dead leaves and as much muck as I could lift. I resorted to a sieve to try and separate the gung from the water but it didn\’t really work. A bucket came into play to empty the pond and as the water level fell what was revealed was a really surprising number of stones large and small! 

It is over ten years since we built this little pond and I haven\’t really done much maintenance on it. I tried a water-lily in it but it didn\’t thrive so I ended up relocating it to the Stream Pond where it was much happier! I have a vague memory of putting a layer of stones in the bottom of the pond when it was new to camouflage the pond liner but judging by the pile of stones I retrieved many stones must have fallen in unnoticed over the years! The piles of stones either side of the pond were fished out today!

The cleaning of the pond took longer than I expected and by the time I had refilled it the sun was going down and my new toy was no longer spouting water! I shall have to wait until tomorrow to see it in action in the much cleaner pond!

But when I was drawing the curtains I saw the pretty Fairy Aoife illluminated by the light fountain my daughter gave me a few weeks back! She looks much happier in her new location among the potentillas of the Burren Garden!

3 thoughts on “Playing with water!

  1. Paddy Tobin

    Eventually, I found the comment spot. It was not in the usual place, at the bottom of a post. That’s a good project and will look well for years.


  2. Mary Tobin.

    Much better to leave a comment, Hazel. Cleaning ponds is not a pleasant job, but the results are very pleasing when the water clears and it makes the work so worth while.


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