The New Bamboo Walk

Anyone following the painful story of the New Bamboo Walk will know of the trials and tribulations I suffered getting the border edging to complete the project but it finally arrived this week. It was so heavy that the delivery guy insisted on bringing it through to the back garden for me! My daughter and her extremely kind husband were visiting this weekend so he made short work of completing the construction phase for me. My job was to plant up all the little seedlings I have been growing for just this event! They are mostly dahlia seedlings and even though they are still quite small I just wanted to get the project done! Here’s hoping I don’t regret my impatience!

The little planting pockets have one plant in each pocket.

It was almost sunset when we finished but I couldn’t resist taking some pbotos – this next one unfortunately highlights the compost area which is in serious need of a make-over! But it does give a view of the new walkway from the main pathway through the garden. I put in a tall post at the beginning of the walk to help people to negotiate the pathway easily.

But there is a better view of this latest feature in the garden – this last photo shows the real purpose of the new walkway – the Bamboos are a delight all the year round, every bit of wnd is captured and from gentle whispering movement to the wild swishing of a storm, there is always something to enjoy and the way to access it is to take the new walkway!

I look forward to the easing of the Covid restrictions when I will once more be able to open my garden and share it with other gardeners and people who just enjoy visiting gardens! In previous years we have had very successful Open Days in support of the Laois Hospice and we look forward to being able to host one again.

2 thoughts on “The New Bamboo Walk

  1. Mary Tobin

    Great to have the help to get the job finished. Hopefully, this summer will get us all back to visiting gardens again.


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