There is always a right way to do things!

I have a tall Beech hedge behind my Pergola that needs to be kept well trimmed. In the past couple of years I have got other people to trim it and I had forgotten how I used to tackle this job myself. As I am not very tall I usually have to be a bit creative when it comes to this kind of task. The hedge is about 7 or 8 feet high so can be a bit daunting. This year my very kind son-in-law offered to trim it for me and I was delighted. Not wanting to take too much advantage of him I said that if he trimmed the top I would manage the sides. This proved to be a really bad idea. He had a terrible job struggling between the pergola and the overgrown hedge, doing acrobatics on the stepladder but he struggled on and reduced the hedge to the height it should be – about level with the top of the Pergola. That was a few weeks ago.

Yesterday I decided to do my part of the task. I took out the hedge-trimmer but quickly realised it was not the right tool at all! So out came the secateurs, and occasionally the loppers. As I worked my way down the hedge I remembered how I used to do it. There is a row of large stones lining the hedge and with this as my visual guide everything on the hedge gets cut back to that line. It is a bit tedious, but much of it is done quite easlily. Where strong branches extend beyond the imaginary line the loppers comes into play. As the hedge is not very deep large branches growing over the fence can also be access with ease – well at least without resorting to acrobatics! In previous times I would then take a small stool and easily top the hedge provided I hadn’t let it grow for more than a year!

As usual, Puss is keeping a close eye on me!

I am feeling really guilty because I gave such poor directions to my helper. Since he is not a gardener he deserved better!

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