Finding Joey

I have a lovely rose that is planted beside the Delphiniums in the Birdhouse Border. That rose has started to mature nicely since last year but when I took everything possible out of that border last Autumn to try and rid it of the dreaded Vetch that had invaded it an unintended consequence was that some of the bulbs seem to have moved themself much closer to the rose bush. Can you spot the rose in the first photo?

So at this time it is easy to see why I labelled this journal “Finding Joey”! The daffodils are mostly very tall ones and have been there for a number of years so probably need dividing anyway. By now the flowers are all finished but of course I need to let them die back to guarantee next year’s flowers.

I lifted the daffodils – they filled two large pots – and there were a number of tulips mixed in so they were lifted too and filled a third pot! I am happy to say that there is little sign of the Vetch recurring. I weeded the rest of that section of the border and I am really happy with the results.

So finally I have definitely gone from “Where’s Joey” to “Just Joey” so I look forward to a lovely family event. This border was originally a Lasagne Bed and I am delighted with the improvment in the texture of the soil. The heavy clay soil has been turned into Loam! So I now look forward to a great display from this well-loved Rose.

3 thoughts on “Finding Joey

  1. Joan Gallagher

    Border looking great Hazel. Well done on getting the bulbs out without damaging the rose. Just Joey was a favourite here too for many years, eventually succumbing to something or other, probably old age!


  2. Paddy Tobin

    All looking very well in the garden for you. I have that vetch running along a bank at the bottom of the garden, the roadside ditch, where it runs through ground-cover plants. I pull it out very regularly but the roots survive and it appears again within a few days – a nuisance but not a terrible one.


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