Moving Ferns

I have had two Japanese Painted Ferns for a number of years – one is the dark reddish one called Athyrium Niponicum Pictum ‘Red Beauty’ and the other is a paly green with red stems called Athyrium Niponicum Pictum ‘Silver Falls’. Every Spring I watch anxiously for signs of them reappearing. They were deep into the Fernery so it wasn’t always easy to be sure that they would reappear.

My son-in-law is also a fan of ferns so when he visited as the weekend I asked his advice as to where to move them to – so that it would be easy to see them! He made a good suggestion and the other day I went out to do the moving.

I had done a little research about moving Japanese Ferns and it was recommended that you could divide the clumps if they were big enough! When I extricated them from the clumps of daffodils and japanese anemones in one side of the Fernery I could see that they were happy to be divided. I ended up with 7 new plants – 3 of the red one and 4 of the green one.

So I have taken the advice of the experts to replant them where they may form a more dramatic display! The native bluebells in the pictures are spreading happily all over this part of the garden!

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