Finished at last!

I have been known to get ideas for new projects in my garden. (Probably more accurate to say I get NOTIONS!)

Long view of the Bamboo Walk

One such project I shared with my gardening friends was the replacement of the rotten Bordwalk with the new Bamboo Walk. I knew I would need to use more durable material than the timber of the Boardwalk but I really wanted to keep the carbon footprint as small as I could, while providing a safe and comfortable path to walk.

Cosmos and tiny Dahlia seedling

My idea was to use concrete blocks just sitting on compacted hard core – and in my minds’ eye I could see this new walkway edged with the blocks with the holes in them, planted up and looking amazing.

What my project overlooked with this imagining was that some poor schmuck was going to have to get down on her hands and knees and fill the 100 or so opening in the blocks with suitable plants …..

I tried to retain the Zig-Zag nature of the original boardwalk and I think it worked well

I give you three guesses who that schmuck ended up being? Yes, you got it in one! Yours truly! I began by planting the outer edges with Dahlia seedlings interspersed with some Cosmos seedlings. I completed the outer edge but the general consensus was that I needed to plant the other side too! I made a start on it a few days ago with some Sedum Green Mantle I had potted up last year.. So today, as well as getting my second jab, I also filled the remaining blocks with some more sedums and some bedding Lobelia. So I can say that the Bambo Walk is now officially finished!

Nicotiana at the end of one of the raised beds

I also used these blocks to add a bit of colour to the raised beds and planted them up today as well. The blocks serve the dual purpose of providing colour to that area but also they prevent the gravel from overwhelming the raised beds and causing them to rot!

I mixed Aquilegia with the Nicotiana in these planters beside one of the raised beds

Looking ahead to next year, I think I should pot up some more sedums to replace the annuals – although the Dahlias may well come back for a few years! Sedums are such easy-care plants that they will make ideal candidates but I didn’t have sufficient ready this time! Hopefully the sedums planted this year will survive so it should be less of a marathon planting up the blocks!

2 thoughts on “Finished at last!

  1. Paddy Tobin

    Jeepers, that’s an awful lot of planting – which must be repeated next year! What about a climber of some sorts to go along the supporting mesh.


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