Garden Stroll

I am having to take thinkgs a bit easy at the moment but I’m on the mend – just a very impatient patient! however I well able to stroll in the garden and today i managed to sneak down to the end of the garden and plant my four brussel sprouts plants alongside the Rhubarb that is trying to reach the sky! Why only fourn plant yu might ask? Well. I was given a few surplus plants by a fellow-gardener last year and discovered that Brussel Sprount sliced and stirfried are excellent – and don;t taset of sprouts at all! I picked them once they had any size, and they lasted me for ages so i thought I would grow some from seed this year. I’m terrible at growing things from seed, so I am totally chuffed to have ten seedlings get beyond the seed-leaf stage! so four is enough for me, the the rest will make a retun gift to my fellow gardener!

On the way down to plant the sprouts i was delighted to see my Ikharo Rhododendron looking like a proper Rhodo – the first time ever! It is enjoying the freedome and fresh air from the removal of the hedge behind it!

Having planted my prouts I went for a ramble and coming up the path I realised that Iris Sibirica Silver Edge was looking well so I took a quick photo …

And then i thought they might look better from the other side …

One way or another I amd a totally happy camper – I divided up a large clump of this Iris the year before last and only one or two flowered – and I had given lots of them in pots to visitors so was keeping a low profile on the Iris front – but this year they are back to full glory and have a bit of space to expand if they wish!

Walking in the garden is about all I’m fit for just now so there are no dramatic changes afoot – probably just as well! Things have to settle down a bit after all the upheaval of earlier in the year.

This is Princess, visiting with my daughter and her husband and flirting outrageously with Puss ! She is loving this little conifer that Jacinta gave me many moons ago! It is a great favourite at Christmas time for the table decorations my local Garden Club make!

I was so happy the forecasted thunder and lightening didn’t materialise here – although it was very windy and the wind definitely had an edge to it. One of the benefits I am getting as I convalesce is to wander around and try out all the seats in the garden – I even got a few more and create new places to stop and stare! Maybe tomorrow’s project will be taking photos of all the seating areas!

4 thoughts on “Garden Stroll

  1. Maire de Paor

    Best wishes on a speedy recovery. Always important to take time to wander around the garden and taking the camera is great to record the changes.


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