Day Lilies come into their own

July is when the Day Lilies really strut their stuff! The first Day Lily I planted in Gortnalee was “Stella d’Oro” from Bakker in 2009 – it sulked for a bit but is now an early harbinger of what is to come, flowering from late May until the end of June. I have been the recipient of donations of Day Lilies from two kind gardening friends. Jacinata gifted me with a generous donation of quite a few way back in 2013 and they have been such a great addition to my long border – I tried to identify the different ones with their varying shades and combinations of yellows, oranges and some with brown markings, but regardless of the names I love them all!

I also got a pink one I believe is “Pink Damask” from another member of that year, but I don’t have their name! I spoke enthusiastically at my local Garden Club about them, and Fergal, who is the organiser of this great club, donated another great selection in 2018, in particular a deep red one and a pure yellow! I’m going to ty and put up a gallery of those currently looking good! My daily pleasure at the moment is to combine dead-heading of the roses and the Day Lilies – such a rewarding task! The Day Lilies are now star performers in my Hot Border and seem to spread a bit too!

The red one refused to oblige with a flower this morning but maybe later ……

And here she is! The Prima Donna!

And well worth the wait!

2 thoughts on “Day Lilies come into their own

  1. Paddy Tobin

    Lovely selection.

    A word of warning: We have had an amount of gall midge this year, something we hadn’t seen previously.


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