Bamboo Walkway looking good

I already described how the timber boardwalk had to be replaced with a more durable walkway a few months ago. I filled the edging with seedlings of Dahlias and Cosmos and I am happy to say they survived the heatwave! This is a temporary measure as I plan to put various sedums in their places as permanent planting as I think they will survive well in the cavities in the blocks that comprise the edging.

I have tried some sedums and they seem happy enough! But for this year I wanted instant colour and I am very happy with the results. The thing I like best about dahlias from seed is that they are always the open flowers that the bees love. All I have to remember is to dead-head so they continue to flower!

I wasn’t really sure about the Cosmos – would they be too tall? Or would they block the path? But I was worrying unnexessarily! Again, dead-heading is the name of the game!

The one disappointment i have is the Nicotiana I also grew from seed – I mustn’t have read the small print on the seed packet as I was expecting the tall and elegant Nicotiana I grew in previous years – so even though they have produced lots of flowers, the scent is nothing like as good as the larger ones. Note to self: READ THE LABELS BEFORE YOU BUY!!!

No perfume! So disappointing!

However, the first year of my Bamboo Walkway is a success in my book – now I just have to get in and put manners on the Bamboo!

A surprisingly successful planting effort! But I’m still not a fan of growing stuff from seed!

4 thoughts on “Bamboo Walkway looking good

  1. Hi Siobhan
    Thanks for that tip – I will look out for it in future! I had a white one for a number of years – it was a self-seeder. I also had a greenish one and both were highly perfumed in the evenings. That is why I was so disappointed with the little ones I got this time! All the best. Hazel


  2. Siobhan Bolger

    Looks fabulous Joan 😍I grow nicotiana fragrant cloud and it has a lovely scent at night, stands out at night being white and self seeds which is a huge plus for me😍

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  3. Thanks Joan. I am very happy with it. I was very upset when I realised the original boardwalk had to go but this is quite a different feature! And most of all, needs much less maintenance!


  4. Joan Gallagher

    You did an inspired job on planting the walkway Hazel. The single dahlias are my favourites and well done on growing them from seed. My cosmos came up short sized too this year but happened to suit where I planted them. The whole area looks great, so give yourself a oat on the back.


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