Tetrapanex Rex warning

My Tetrapanex Rex are great favourites in my garden, for me and also for visitors to the garden. They seem to really love my heavy clay soil and although they lose all their leaves in winter they have managed to return with renewed vigour even when they have had their new growth zapped by late frost. This year one of them got zapped three times and still managed to come back as strong as ever!

This is how it looks in full leaf – pups from this one came up through the patio!

Unfortunately they do spread about a lot. I have lost count of how many appeared this year and since my weeding regime was a bit behind some of them have achieved significant growth. Yesterday I was working on the Tropical Garden and the Fairy Garden and both of them had lots of Tetra – some of a good size, but since they were appearing in the middle of paths and other unsuitable locations the decision was made that they had to go!

At least 3 new plants have appeared here – the path is completely blocked!

They are quite easy to remove generally – a good firm twist and they separate from the root they are growing from. But some were too big to respond to this so they had to be cut with the secateurs. I’m not sure which method was the culprit, but I had a pretty severe reaction – eyes, nose and throat were all really badly affected by the sap or pollen from it.

I am posting this as a warning to others that care needs to be taken if you have to deal with unwanted Tetrapanex offshoots!

I still have some to clear but I am going to try using a Covid Visor to protect me when I am working on them!

There are other plants in the garden that can irritate but once I know about them I just take precautions – but this was a new one for me so I thought I would warn people of the potential.

3 thoughts on “Tetrapanex Rex warning

  1. Paddy Tobin

    I think it is the small hairs on the leaves and stems which cause the irritation. It is not a plant I would have in the garden as it runs too much for my liking.

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