Vertical planters updated

I have a couple of vertical planters which adorn the trellises on my Veranda and I had them planted up with Auriculas for the past couple of years, but the position is not ideal for these shade-loving plants as the trellis is west-facing. The several bouts of really hot, sunny and warm days this summer made it difficult to keep these plants in any sort of shape. Quite a few of them perished, and I decided they needed a new home. They are now transplanted to a border where they have shading from direct sunshine so they should be happier now! But what to replace them with?

Pockets cleared of the Auricula

I picked up some Sempervivum in my recent visit to Arboretum – taking care to select plants with lots of babies! By separating the babies I managed to get enough new plants to fill all the pockets!

But there was a disadvantage. I couldn’t reach the top pockets. I always left them empty when I had the Auriculas in them but I wanted to fill all the pockets this time. Sometimes the solution to a problem is so obvious that you just don’t see it! The pockets were only held in place with twine. Why not simply untie them and replace them lower down on the trellis!

Re-positioned pockets

So I am a happy camper now! I can see all the new plants, and all the pockets are populated! I still have a row of Auriculas in the bottom row, and I am trying out a few sedums too,

Much easier to see the plants now!

I dressed all the sempervivums with grit and I think I will probably do the same with the other plants but for the moment I think this is a big improvement. However, this solution is really only suitable for one set of pockets as the other set is above my “plants in waiting” table so I will have to come up with another solution here.

Plants in Waiting Table is in the way for these pockets

For the moment I am happy to be able to keep an eye on at least one lot of little pots. It will be much easier to water them too – when they were up higher it was a bit of a performance trying to make sure each pot got enough water! I am hoping that the sempervivum and the sedums will be more forgiving or erratic watering!

2 thoughts on “Vertical planters updated

  1. Paddy Tobin

    I thought you would plant directly into the pockets rather than placing pots into them – though this has obvious advantages.


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