Changes afoot

I am on a mission to reduce the heavier tasks in the garden as I recover from my recent back problem.

There is a difficult area that definitely needs to be re-thought. There is a septic tank that I want to conceal. It is a lower level than the main garden and I thought I had the perfect solution! I planted bamboos round the tank and we built a boardwalk skirting the area. I let the bamboo grow for a number of years, and about 3 years ago I did a major job on it and thinned it out completely. I was very happy with the waving bamboos that year and it still looked well the following year. However, when I did the thinning it took about three weeks of very hard work to manage the bamboo.

This year I replaced the boardwalk that had become rotten over the years, with a walkway but the bamboo was constantly falling across the new walkway. I was faced with the huge task of thinning out the bamboo again, as well as removing all the new growth that sprang up after the new walkway was installed. It was decision time. I have my son staying with me at the moment and when I went away for a few days he tackled the bamboo! Here is the result!

Note the large chunk of roots leaning against the back wall! The remaining roots will need to be removed too and I am relying on him to continue with the job!

In the meantime there was an awful lot of bamboo to be dealt with! My first instinct was to hire a shredder or mulcher to dispose of it but to shred all those lovely bamboo canes seemed a terrible waste.

Sorting out the bamboos that were of a useful thickness from the rest of the debris was stage one. I then cleaned off the leaves, and tied them in bundles. I reckon I have about 150 sorted so far….

So I have about half of the bamboos done, but I have a bit of RSI in my hand so it will have to wait for another day!

There is still some discussion as to what will replace the bamboo – I’m thinking strong weedblock with bark on top – and a few plants dotted round the offending tank. I’m not convinced that we will succeed in getting all the bamboo roots, so some remedial action may be called for! Whatever goes in there has to be less laborious than bamboo!

One thought on “Changes afoot

  1. Paddy Tobin

    It is well to be rid of the bamboos as they would only become an impossible to manage job over the years. Indeed, I imagine their roots could have done damage to the septic tank system which would have been a dreadful situation to remedy. Something smaller and easier to manage is needed – maybe a hedge on the perimeter of the area?

    We have begun making changes here and there in our gardening also – we removed ivy from the wall of the house and garage as it meant being up high on a ladder to trim it twice a year and Mary was worried about me!!! Likewise, we have reduced the height of some hedges to make them more manageable, to they can be cut without being up on a ladder!


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