Rose Trellis sorted!

The Rose Trellis has been weeded and composted but the pruning of the roses will be done in Spring. Since the bamboo area which was shading the trellis was removed the roses responded with a great second flowering but when I started weeding the border I realised there were a number of plants there that were better moved elsewhere. The biggest one is Jasminum Officinale which has lots of growth every year getting entangled with the roses and also with the bamboos next to them but producing only a handfull of blossoms. It really likes a sunny south-facing aspect so I have moved it to the south face of the Summerhouse. It will get some shade from the Shelter Belt but hopefully will manage to produce more flowers here.

Jasminum Officinale in her new home!

I also removed a Penstemon and a Geranium Magnificum and found a home for them in the area near the new walkway. Some of the border had Ajuga as an edging so I extended that all the way. There were a fine crop of Forget-me-not seedlings which had invaded the path as well so I removed as many as possible but I’m sure there will still be some appearing in the Spring! The trellis follows two sides of the Bamboo area and it doesn’t look much right now, but I am imagining it in the summer with all those roses doing their thing!

Diamond Jubilee is planted beyond Lady Marmalade and that is Compassion in the foreground

While doing the tidy-up I realised that one of the loveliest roses, ‘Diamond Jubilee’ was now doing well. This is one of the roses I moved a couple of years ago and at first I thought it hadn’t survived but it resurected itself last year but is still looking very weak. It was too close to ‘Lady Marmalade’ which is a very vigorous rose so I dug it up and moved it a few feet along the border! When I dug it up I could see that it had made very few new roots so I tried out the mycorrhizal powder sprinkling the entire root with it. I also made sure it was replanted with a good bit of my own compost mixed in to the border. Time will tell if it will recover. In Spring I will prune it very hard to see if it will produce some stronger shoots.

Plenty of space now the Jasmine is removed !

This side of the trellis has two Albertines and Rosa Wenlock in between them so the display here has great promise!

Now I just have to be patient and wait till Spring to prune away to my hearts content!

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