Buddha Makeover

I think I am watching too many “makeover” programs on TV. A few days ago I decided to weed the area around my Buddha in the Buddha Garden and after spending a couple of hours clearing I only had half of it done. I began just weeding but I realised that more drastic action was needed.

Before and After all in one picture!

It was so difficult to remove the Celandine and the Grape Hyacinths without destroying everything else in the border that I had to do a re-think. The decision was a complete “Makeover”. So I carefully removed all the Tulip bulbs, the Hostas, a Lily and some Vinca minor “Atropurpurea” and put them to one side. Everything else was for composting! I had added some gravel previously in a vain attempt to keep the border in order so what was left when the plants were removed was hardly promising!

After the clear-out of the planting.

The next stage was to remove as much of the gravel as possible. I also realised I needed to lower the level somewhat. A large container was filled with some very stony soil which will come in handy when I am potting stuff up since I am determined not to use any more peat. Having adjusted the level to my satisfacion I then treaded it down – a bit like treading grapes – and then headed off to get some weedblock and pegs from my local Garden Centre.

Preparations complete!

I started to lay the weedblock – a double layer to try and keep the invaders at bay, or at least to slow them down! I was now under pressure because it was my Gardening Club that evening and I didn’t have a lot of time! Once I started it I needed to get it finished because the wind had picked up a lot and the weedblock would be reefed up if I didn’t have it secured!

A few big stones helped to keep the weedblock in place overnight.

Next morning I was back at the Garden Centre getting a couple of bags of decorative stone. I wasn’t sure how much I would need but I took a chanc on three bags. I hasten to add that I enlisted the aid of stronger arms than mine to get them from the car to the border!

Yes Sir Yes Sir Three bags full Sir!

There was just the right amount in the three bags, and it was a quick and easy job to spread the stone. I finished weeding that area and now I will pot up the Hostas, lily and Vinca and replace them on tip of the gravel. The Tulips are healed in to a large pot with some compost to keep them safe for planting up next year- again in POTS!!! That is the plan – everything in pots which can be switched in and out to suit the seasons!

All done! Just need to add the potted plants tomorrow!

I am totally delighted with the make-over. It is creating the simple and tranquil appearance for the Buddha Garden that I want to achieve.

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