Good start to the year


Puss is so relieved to have me all to himself again. All the visitors have gone, the tree is dismantled and the decorations put away – well, except for the outdoor lights which require a ladder and so must wait till the next visit of my son-in-law! I have been taking full advantage of the mild weather to do a real good clearing of the woodland areas that have been ignored for a couple of years! It has meant lots of cutting back and removing the cumulation of leaves! I’m almost finished the front areas now – maybe one more session will see it looking shipshape. Puss has a new habit of sitting a couple of feet away from me while I work, which is really lovely, but sometimes he insists on sitting on the next place to be weeded!

I have been keeping up with the shredding so I now have the third of the compost bays well on its way to being full! I have one bay ready to spread but I’m not sure this is the right time to spread it. They keep saying the weather will get worse, so I suppose I’m just keeping going until it happens!

The real benefit of the work I’ve been doing is how my little clumps of snowdrops are showing up much more, and today I found a few Eranthis self-seeders! Happy days! Might remember to take a few photos tomorrow!

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