Taking no chances!

Tetrapanex removal outfit

My friend Rachel mentioned that she also had problems with Tetrapanex this year. I wonder was it the extremely hot weather we had recently that caused a change in the plants? I never had this problem before so maybe it is like the Giant Hogweed that becomes dangerous when there is a lot of sun about?

Either way, before I ventured out to remove the remaining suckers I took some precautions – Hat, glasses, mask, gloves, covered arms and legs – I was taking no chances this time!

I proceeded down to the tropical garden to sort out the delinquent plants! A quick swipe with the long-handled spade, and the sucker neatly severed with the secateurs and the job was done! The severed leaves were carefully lifted in my gloved hands by the stem, and holding them at arms length I deposited them way at the back of the compost heaps!

I am happy to report that no further unpleasant symptoms have returned!

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