Frosty morning

This photo made me smile this morning – and by noon they were all upright again!


I was delighted to have the help of my niece Mary in the garden today. While Mary harvested the willow I caught up on the shredding and in the afternoon we weeded and tidied the main herbaceous border – evicting the Japanese Anemones that still persist here after the major overhaul last year. The dahlias have been mulched, the little Escalonia I am training as a standard was trimmed and the whole border looked worlds better by the time we finished! It was way too dark for photos so we just took a quick stroll round the garden to finish off the day.

This photo is my Acer Japonicum ‘Skeeteres Broom’ so red it looks like it has been painted! I took this photo yesterday but the overnight wind has stripped off a good few of the leaves.


And Cornus Kousa ‘Winter Dream’ is looking rather splendid too!


3 thoughts on “Frosty morning

  1. Jackie

    Oooooh well done Hazel what a lovely blog………and wonderful pictures too. Can you gives the address of the actually blog. This is only the one from the site, but if you give us the correct address we can save it. Good luck with the blog


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