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Last year I had to get rid of the decking that Brendan and I put in when we moved to Gortnalee in 2007. Unfortunately the exposed nature of the garden meant that the deck despite our best efforts began to rot. So now that its just me, I had to decide between the laborious preservation of the decking or to take a different direction altogether. Since Brendan died I have struggled with making big changes to the home we built together, but taking my courage in both hands I decided to replace the decking with a more practical patio area and part of that project included adding a covered pergola outside the back door. This has proved to be a real benefit. I can step out the back door, and feed Puss in his cosy house without facing the elements!

But today was something different! While the east coast was buffeted by storms, we had pretty impressive rainfall but we were spared the winds. My shredder had been out of action for a couple of weeks, so yesterday when the weather was better I had brought all the “shredding in waiting” up near to the sheds and of course it had suffered a good soaking last night! But I was frustrated not being able to go out and to “real” gardening so instead I wanted to catch up on the shredding! So necessith being the mother of invention, I set up the shredder under the “posh” pergola over the patio and shredded  away to my heart’s content!  Puss was so happy to have me close by that he curled up in the shelter of the table in the photo!

All in all, a totally satisfying day despite the weather – and a new purpose for the patio! The worst part was sweeping up the pation after the shredding was done!


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