Time flies when having fun

Well I’m not sure “fun” is the right word for it! The clearing of the borders continues almost every day – sometimes cold, sometimes rain stopped play, but the garden is gradually coming into proper shape! I got some expert help with pruning the fruit trees so I’m hopeful of a better crop this year! When the weather was bad I got cracking on washing pots.

Our local Garden Club had a Pruning master-class that did us all good and I came home filled with envy of the lovely organised Raspberry canes in the demonstration garden so it inspired me to tackle my own! It was a terrible job! I have never done anything with them so they were just a crazy thicket and had seriously invaded the neighbouring Rhubarb. There were two kinds of raspberries, one early, one late. The only solution was to dig them all out and try to eliminate the roots as far as possible. Even the rhubarb stool had to be lifted too as the wretched raspberries had managed to go UNDER the rhubarb! However all is done now and there are 6 neat raspberry clumps and three rhubarb stools! The bonus was some delicious early Rhubarb for supper!

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One thought on “Time flies when having fun

  1. Jackie

    Great work Hazel. Lovely to see all those clean pots, I wouldn’t even attempt to clean the vast amount I have!! Sounds like a very hard job sorting out those raspberries, but lovely amount of Rhubarb to enjoy. Lovely blog!


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